I go to New York about 15 times a year and if there’s one place I go to almost every time it’s Catch. You can never go wrong at Catch. You’re never going to be waiting too long for your food since a small army occupies each of the restaurant’s THREE kitchens. Even if every table is occupied you’re not going to spend a century and a half waiting for your food, while you wait and sip on your drink(s) people watch, the characters that visit Catch are just as entertaining as the cast from your favorite reality show. There are options for everyone from sushi to comfort food to salads (for the one healthy buzzkill friend) this place needs to be your go-to before the Sunday scaries hit you like a two ton truck. Their drinks are bomb and the food is over-the-top to die for just like the girl writing this post so it might explain why I love it so much. I recommend you share your plates with your party so you can experience more menu options.

Lobster Mac & Cheese will NEVER be absent from my table.

Lush Lemonade… Makes you think it’s summer and you’re on a roof even if there’s a snowpocalypse outside.

Hangover? I don’t know her. The Croque Madame will wipe your hangover slate clean so you can drink like liver damage isn’t a thing until next weekend.

Not gonna lie to you guys right now… My mouth watered while writing this caption. The Cinnamon Roll Pancake is so pretty and so so so good.

If you find yourself in Manhattan wondering where to go to brunch. You won’t regret Catch and neither will your wallet.



NEW YORK, NY, 10014

Catch NYC serves brunch Saturdays & Sundays from 11am to 3:30pm

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